What is IMPRA?

IMPRA is a non-profit association whose main purpose is to support and promote musicians who identify as women, transgender people and non-binaries who are active in jazz and improvisational music.


Festival programs, jazz club bookings and live scenes with an even gender distribution and good representation of musicians with different experiences.


An inclusive and safe music life, free from discrimination and exclusion.

The association is open to EVERYONE who shares our goals and visions.

What does IMPRA do? 

We want to increase awareness of the work that is still required to reach an equal jazz scene in Sweden, by: 

  • Make visible, support and act platform for musicians who identify as women, transgender people and non-binaries
  • Offer training in gender awareness for those active in the field of music

  • Organize seminars and panel debates

  • Organize member meetings around the country

  • Prove an active debate in society about gender issues in the jazz world, with focus on the jazz scene

  • Conduct long- and short-term projects to promote a gender-equal jazz scene

Agnes, Sara and Sofia recruits members
during a concert night with Lupino Live,
September 2019.

Member meeting in Stockholm at Reimersholme Hotel, January 2020. Sara Karkkonen lectured with a subsequent discussion.


IMPRA was founded in 2006 on the initiative of Lina Nyberg and Gunilla Törnfeldt.


“Before IMPRA existed, you were alone with your thoughts. IMPRA became a network for us female jazz musicians and an opportunity for us to speak as a strong voice regarding gender equality and problems concerning this in jazz life.” - Lina Nyberg.


“The vast majority of major Swedish jazz awards go to men. Only a fraction of the recipients are women. This is not only because there are fewer female jazz musicians but also because it is a male-dominated industry.” - Gunilla Törnfeldt.