The membership is open to anyone who sympathizes with IMPRA's values and shares our vision of an equal jazz and improvisation scene.

IMPRA must be available to everyone, regardless of gender, orientation, origin and financial background.
Therefore, our membership fee is based on a sliding scale, where each member pays according to their own financial conditions.
The membership is valid for one year after registration. When one year has passed, you will automatically receive an invoice sent to you, so that you can easily update your membership with us.

Membership & prices


200- 500 SEK


100- 300 SEK

Under 18 years


Engage yourself!

In addition to becoming a member of IMPRA, there are several examples of how you can get involved in a purely practical way to support the association.

To quickly get information about upcoming events and how you can get involved; email us at or join our facebook group IMPRA's friends or follow us on social media. 

︎ @foreningen_impra
︎ @foreningenimpra

As an ambassador for IMPRA, you help us to be seen and heard everywhere in jazz

Sweden. It can be anything from handing out our information leaflet at your school or workplace, to standing and recruiting members at our meetings and concerts.

Both big and small counts!

We are grateful for all the help we can get to keep our association alive and visible.