In 2012, IMPRA instituted an honorary prize, which every year since then has been awarded to an organizer, person, association or institution that in its activities reflects IMPRA's vision of an equal jazz Sweden.

With the help of this award, we want to see an increased awareness among everyone who is active in the Swedish jazz scene. We also want to encourage, make visible and support the actors who choose to work on the basis of similar principles that we at IMPRA are based on.

The winner of IMPRA Gold will receive a diploma and an artwork from a contemporary current artist.

How do I nominate?

Anyone can nominate for IMPRA Gold. The winner is chosen by an outside jury, based on the nominations received by IMPRA during the nomination period.

To nominate, we need this information:

  • Name of the nominee (s) and their contact details.
  • Link to current website.
  • Motivation containing a description of what the current gender equality work has looked like during the last financial year (max. 1500 characters).
  • Do you want to nominate a club? Then it is important that you attach the program for 2021 (spring and autumn).

Email your nomination to us at 

Previous winners:

2022 Jazzstice skapat av Anna Berglund

2021 BrÖtz

2020 Elaria Orchestra 

2018 Tidskriften Orkesterjournalen (was distributed 2019)

2017 Jazz i Halmstad

2016 Uppsala Jazz Club

2015 Bollnäs Jazz Club

2014 Umeå Jazzfestival

2013 Jazz i Malmö

2012 Vänersborgs musikförening