IMPRA gives lectues on various topics to further train organizations and universities towards a more equal music life in Sweden. Read the information below to see which topics IMPRA lectues on and how to contact us.

IMPRA lectures on:

- For an equal and egalitarian musical life!  

In this lectues we talk about what IMPRA is, what we have done and our current projects. The participants are given information about the current situation in Sweden regarding jazz and improvised music through statistics, conversation and discussion. 

Participants are also given tools to formulate how they themselves should work with gender equality and equality within the organization they are in, whether it is their own workplace, their school or in general in their professional life.

We let the participants talk about and formulate what they should start, end and continue with in order to better contribute to a more equal jazz scene in Sweden. A peppery and hopeful lecture about a musical life we all want to be a part of. 

Anxiety management

- Master your monsters

In this lecture, we talk about what anxiety is and how you can manage your anxiety in different situations. The information and tools are based on CBT therapy.

To be able to manage your anxiety, whether it is a general anxiety or directly connected to your instrument or making music, it is important to have knowledge and understanding of what anxiety is and how it works.

Participants are given tools in analyzing their anxiety, understanding when it appears, how they react and what the consequences will be of their actions. We talk about concepts such as valued direction, conscious presence and acceptance. All to get a deeper understanding of what anxiety is and how to deal with it when it occurs.

The lectures can be aimed at both music students or staff at upper secondary schools, folk high schools (folkhögskolor) and universities. 


Sara Aldén 

Sara Aldén is a trained gender scientist at the University of Gothenburg and is a freelance jazz singer with several active music projects in Sweden. She is currently studying an artistic bachelor's degree in improvisational music with a focus on jazz singing at the University of Stage and Music in Gothenburg. In IMPRA, Sara is vice chair and Social Media Manager. 

Emma Larsson

Emma Larsson is a trained music teacher at the Ingesund Academy of Music and is a freelance double bass player with most active projects around Sweden. Emma works as a music teacher, musician and lecturer. Emma is a member of IMPRA.