The importance of gender equality in the music industry. 


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IMPRA Jazz Festival är mycket spända över årets panelsamtal som kommer att komplettera festivalens Line-up! Panelsamtalet är ett samarbete med Women in Jazz och det kommer bli ett mycket spännande samtal med Louise Paley från Women in Jazz, Amanda Ginsburg från IMPRA, och Lisa Löfgren från Svensk Jazz. Moderator är ingen mindre än Almaz Yebio.

Panelsamtalet kommer att handla om vikten av jämställdhet i musikbranschen och de kommer beröra frågor som hur de olika organisationerna införlivar jämställdhet, vilken förändring som de vill se och hur vi tillsammans når den verkligheten. 

Panelsamtalet kommer bli en av festivalens höjdpunkter och startar kl. 18:45. Det kommer finnas möjlighet att se panelsamtalet digitalt via Facebook eller live på Fasching i Stockholm där festivalen hålls.

DATUM: 27 augusti

TID: 18:45-19:45

PLATS: Fasching, Stockholm och streaming via Facebook. 

Kungsgatan 63, 111 22 Stockholm




IMPRA Jazz Festival 2022 


IMPRA Jazz Festival is very excited about this year's panel discussion which will complement the festival's Line-up! The panel discussion is a collaboration with Women in Jazz and it will be a very exciting conversation with Louise Paley from Women in Jazz, Amanda Ginsburg from IMPRA, and Lisa Löfgren from Svensk Jazz. Moderator is none other than Almaz Yebio.

The panel discussion will be about the importance of gender equality in the music industry and they will touch on issues such as how the various organizations incorporate gender equality, what change they want to see and how we together can achieve that reality.

The panel discussion will be one of the festival's highlights and starts at 18:45. It will be possible to watch the panel discussion digitally via Facebook or live at Fasching in Stockholm where the festival is held.

DATE: 27th of August

TIME: 18:45-19:45

LOCATION: Fasching, Stockholm and streaming through Facebook. 

Kungsgatan 63, 111 22 Stockholm




Panel discussion 
IMPRA Jazz Festival 2022 


Moderator - Almaz Yebio 

Almaz Yebio is a singer, composer, conductor and senior lecturer in music. She has played and toured with her own and other projects for over 30 years.

Representation, an equal stage and diversity in different aspects of the professional music industry are topics that have engaged her for decades now. Almaz has previously been the chairwoman of IMPRA and is very curious to meet the panelists at IMPRA Jazz Festival.

Women in Jazz - Louise Paley

Women have always played an integral role in shaping the history of Jazz, yet represent only 5% of instrumentalists in Jazz UK.

We exist to celebrate and showcase the music and stories of women, to inspire the next generation of talent.

Our community is made up of 6K Artists; from singer-songwriters to producers, instrumentalists and composers. 

The Women in Jazz team of highly experienced creatives direct, produce and execute projects focusing on music, storytelling and real-life experiences.

We have the pleasure to meet one of the founders in this panel discussion, Louise Paley.

IMPRA - Amanda Ginsburg

Amanda Ginsburg is a multi-award-winning singer and songwriter working primarily in the jazz genre. Since the release of her debut album in 2018, she has toured extensively with her quartet throughout Sweden, making numerous TV appearances on programmes such as Allsång på Skansen, Nyhetsmorgon and Helt Lyriskt. Amanda has released two albums under her own name, both of which were awarded Grammys for Jazz of the Year. Since spring 2021, she is also chairwoman of the organisation IMPRA. 

Svensk Jazz - Lisa Löfgren

Lisa Löfgren is a driven project manager who has worked in the field of culture since 2013. In her role, she has the main responsibility for projects from application to final report. Lisa plans and is responsible for the projects' activities, budget, administration and internal and external communication.

Currently, Lisa is acting director of operations at the Swedish Jazz Federation, an exciting addition to her previous role as project manager and producer.