One of IMPRA's main tasks is to map and make visible active women, trans people and non-binary people on the Swedish jazz scene. We do this, among other things, through the IMPRA list, which has existed since the organization's start in 2006.

The purpose of the list is to connect musicians, arrangers and composers in order to broaden and show the diversity of the Swedish jazz and improvisation scene. Maybe this is where you find your next booking for your concert series, or connect with a new fellow musician for your future project.

The list is continuously updated and then sent out to Swedish Jazz-affiliated jazz clubs and organizers, in order for us to be able to influence the booking work around the country in a concrete way.
The list is aimed and welcomes professional and long-term professional musicians and composers, full-time or part-time, who can also demonstrate clear artistic goals and ambitions.

To be on the list, you first need to become a member of IMPRA. You become a member by applying (here).
You then submit an application to be on the IMPRA list (here) with completed information about you and your business. IMPRA's board then makes an individual assessment based on the above-mentioned criteria.

As published on the IMPRA list, you get:

  •  Marketing through our website and social media as well as via mailings to organizers at each new season.

  •  Free admission to our jazz clubs; Klubb Kom In in Gothenburg and Lupino Live in Stockholm.

  • A nationwide network of musicians and composers, through the other members of the list.

  • Advertising at artistic and music policy events where IMPRA markets its operations. For example trade fairs, organizational meetings and panel debates.

If you have questions about the IMPRA list, contact

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